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Our application process ensures all classes hosted through Amblu meet very high standards. We handpick all of the establishments that post classes on Amblu.

There are certain factors that indicate whether or not the Amblu standard is met:

  • The food and drink are excellent. Whatever you are teaching, the end result is impresses ones taste buds.
  • The individuals leading the classes are going to pass on knowledge and cooking skills to the attendees of classes (If the teacher can't teach, it does not matter how fantastic the content of the course is).
  • Indication that classes will be organized. Classes should have a theme and sequence of events that are planned well ahead of class time.

Applying consist of filling out a simple form. Joining the exclusive Amblu network gives you access to a large audience of individuals interested in dinning and food. Amblu takes all of the difficult parts, such as payment processing and communication, out of the cooking classes equation. If you can dream up wonderful cooking experiences, we will make a great team.


Amblu connects people for the sake of sharing and learning about how to create food experiences. Food experiences are experiences that involve food. Taking classes through Amblu is the best way to learn the craft necessary for sharing memories around the table.

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